Book coverage

Book covers: which is better, the US or UK edition? I’m always fascinated by Ms. Ninja’s books and their multiple covers and international editions. So many ways to sell the same book inside. LitHub takes a fun and illuminating look at a series of books and makes some difficult choices.

…comparing US and UK covers; it’s fascinating to see different designers’ takes on the same book—and because the UK is most closely linked market to ours, there are plenty of opportunities. It’s extra fun at this point in the year, when we’ve seen some of these covers hundreds of times, and they’ve reified in our brains as being synonymous with the book itself; it makes that previously unseen version feel all the more exciting. It’s like seeing a good friend in a fresh new haircut. Or a fresh new face. But not in a murder-y way. So here are a few American book covers from 2020, side-by-side with their across-the-pond counterparts. Which ones are better? 

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