On saving books from “Book People”

Jezebel goes for the jugular, as expected. An interesting and timely piece here on the difference between a reader and a “Book Person”. Of course, I hear “Book People” and just think of Coles. But seriously, are Book People ruining books? (I reserve the right to have my answer differ unexpectedly from yours.)

A reader is someone who is in the habit of reading. A Book Person has turned reading into an identity. A Book Person participates in book culture. Book People refer to themselves as “bookworms” and post Bookstagrams of their “stacks.” They tend towards language like “I love this so hard” or “this gave me all the feels” and enjoy gentle memes about buying more books than they can read and the travesty of dog-eared pages. They build Christmas trees out of books. They write reviews on Goodreads and read book blogs and use the hashtag #amreading when they are reading. They have TBR (to be read) lists and admit to DNFing (did not finish). They watch BookTube and BookTok. They love a stuffed shelf but don’t reject audiobooks and e-readers; to a Book Person, reading is reading is reading.

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