CBC cancels Trickster

Eden Robinson has given her blessing to the cancellation of Trickster, based on her book Son of a Trickster, after revelations that the show runner was what my friend Michelle would angrily call a “Pretendian” (you know, like Joseph Boyden). That’s all well and good, and I see why, but tons of people are out of a job suddenly on what was, by all accounts, a decent show. I’ve read the book, but not seen the show, so I can’t speak to the quality, but I can say, that’s a whole lot of unemployed Indigenous professionals who are sort of double-screwed by circumstance and misappropriating white people. Drew Hayden Taylor says the CBC should reconsider. Given the intricacies of contracts (how much of this property is tied contractually to Latimer, etc.) I suspect that’s harder to do than it seems, but it’s worth investigating.

Latimer, who also directed all six episodes of the series, came under scrutiny in December when she failed to adequately explain her Indigenous ancestry. Robinson herself apologized on Facebook and pledged to donate her future author royalties from the series to the Haisla Language Authority.

“We have had many conversations over the last few weeks with a view to continuing production on a second season of Trickster,” CBC said in a statement. “Those conversations included producers, writers, actors, and the author of the books on which Trickster is based. Fully respecting everyone’s perspective, season two will not move forward as planned, unfortunately.”

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