Freakout Flag Flying Friday

Well, I hope things are clearing up where you are, because they’re getting murky as Hell here. After having been a bastion of good government and citizenry, our little island in the North Atlantic saw a bunch of kids decided at Xmas and beyond to blow off caution and now the ‘Vid is spreading like wildfire and we’re basically in lockdown, election postponed, and, yes, in snowstorm season. So all that staying home, mask wearing, and not-seeing-my-friends we did is down the drain. On the positive side, my kids can now demonstrably see that I was right and not just as asshole who was trying to cramp their style. Anyway, I write to you now from our bunker where I wait for news from our wonderful CMHO who is appears in the last few press conferences to be getting ready to lay a beat down on the person who asks the next stupid question. I’ve seen that look in her eye, but mostly at reading question periods when someone in the audience stands and says, “This is more of a comment than a question… Actually, it’s two comments, really…” Beware, NL journos. I’ll try to lead with some good news below.

* On footnotes

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