Uncle Sam-I-Am: racism apologists push Dr. Seuss to number one on the American charts

American conservatives scramble to get copies of Dr. Seuss books they never even heard of before they were “cancelled”, dagnabbit. (We did have Mulberry Street here in the house, but the others would only appear in hardcore Seuss-addict libraries, I think.)

Meanwhile, in Realityville (aka, the rest of the world that isn’t Jesusland), the Guardian looks at what the real legacy of the Seuss family is…aaaaand the Washington Post has this to say about the Fox news coverage of this nonsense.

There’s a great bit from comedian John Mulaney in which he talks about a time when he was writing jokes for an award show. His initial script included a term in reference to people with dwarfism that is seen as derogatory. This word, Mulaney says he was told, is “as bad as the n-word.”

Mulaney rejects that comparison. After all, they weren’t even using the n-word — instead just referring to it as “the n-word.”

“If you’re comparing the badness of two words and you won’t even say one of them?” Mulaney continues. “That’s the worse word.”

It’s a fair point. A good tell for the extent to which someone views something as problematic or insensitive is whether they will actually use it.

And that brings us to Fox News.

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