Friday fun: post-pandemic bookish fantasies

What’s the most mundane, book-related thing you fantasize about doing again, once it’s safe? For me it’s sitting in the garage door window at Bannerman Brewery at 2pm with a nice lager and a Carl Phillips book muttering, “Goddamn” under my breath every time I turn the page. (Also, there’s one where Margot Robbie is my private librarian, but I digress.)

What’s your ideal scene?

Lately, I’ve been having a recurring daydream of alphabetizing books at Value Village. I realize that this is…concerning. Especially as my go-to post-pandemic fantasy. But let me explain! For one thing, it’s understandable that at this point, our collective nerves are shot. We’ve all sought out comfort in our own ways. I watch bookish bullet journal videos because they give me the illusion of order. In the same way, there’s something very satisfying to my brain about the idea of taking an aisle’s worth of out of order books and putting them into neat alphabetized rows.

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