Conservative-only publishing houses spreading like slime mold

So, the further we look into our collective consciousness, the more rot we find holding us back from growing as humans. This rot (hate, bigotry, racism, misogyny, nationalism, fascism, etc.) is currently trying to take over the title of “conservatism”, dragging the dumber of the “team conservative” robots along for the ride. And frankly, it’s been doing a pretty decent job of it.

But the rest of us (the MAJORITY) of people (statistically, speaking, not counting the shouted volume of comments sections and bombastic news segments as “data”), oppose these viewpoints.

Enter publishing: a business sector that (like film, music, etc.) has always chosen its content based on market trends (memoirs are huge! let’s publish a bunch! oop! now back to fiction, preferably with pink high heels on the cover! oop! now it’s …. etc.). Publishing has decided it doesn’t pay to promote hate (make no mistake, if it did, they’d publish it), and so many conservative books (which because of the rot taking over are mostly filled with the above aspects of rot, along with easily verifiable lies) are having a hard time finding a respectable house to publish with.

Where can these poor, hate-pedaling snowflakes go to escape what they call “cancel culture” but what is really a combo of market forces and “consequence culture”? A new era of conservative only publishing houses. Yep, orgs like the Klan have always had their own places to hold meetings, so I suppose this is just the next step in the ongoing Civil War of America. Gross.

The last 18 months have seen numerous upheavals in traditional corporate publishing as more and more Big 5 (are we saying Big 4 yet?) employees call out their employer’s editorial decisions, making the case that former Trump Administration officials should not be able to profit from their deeply destructive time in power. Regardless of where you think “book deal” lands on the free speech continuum, you’d have to concede this internal moral accounting is causing at least some publishers to hesitate on the seven-figure deals with amoral profiteers.

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