Canisia Lubrin wins the Griffin Poetry Prize

The amazing Canisia Lubrin is on a roll and the Griffin Prize jury is the latest cultural gate to be smashed down by her work. She’s the real deal, and while this book is not an easy read, especially given what’s passing for poetry on the internet these days, it’s super-rewarding. You should rush out and grab a copy.

Canadian badass and top poet Canisia Lubrin

The Dyzgraphxst is set against the backdrop of contemporary capitalist fascism, nationalism and the climate disaster, where Jejune, the central figure, grapples with understanding their existence and identity.

“The Dyzgraphxst is Canisia Lubrin’s spectacular feat of architecture called a poem. Built with ‘I’ — a single mark on the page, a voice, a blade, ‘a life-force soaring back’ — and assembled over seven acts addressing language, grammar, sentence, line, stage and world, the poet forms, invents, surprises and sharpens life. Generous, generating and an abundance of rigour. A wide and widening ocean of feeling are the blueprints of this book,” the jury said in a statement.

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