Elisabeth de Mariaffi launch of The Retreat includes virtual cocktails and prizes

Just popping in from a mini-vacation to note that Ms. Ninja, Elisabeth de Mariaffi, has a new book, The Retreat, launching in Canada (HarperCollins) and the US (Hachette Mulholland) on July 21 and she’s having a virtual launch — but even better, if you register for the launch by July 11th, you are entered into a prize draw for a free book and a build-your-own-cocktail kit so you can drink along at home. The cocktail is a bespoke drink made for the launch by Terre — a fancy restaurant here in town with hipster bartenders who used to be kids who hung out in our basement with our kids. Anyway, who doesn’t want free stuff? Sign up. Come help launch the book that’s already getting stellar reviews.

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