Book covers redesigned “for men”

Back in the hey-day of Bookninja, we ran a cover redesign contest where we asked readers to submit new covers for classic books, but with one caveat: they had to be redesigned for genres that actually sell. The results were hysterical enough to get coverage all over the world, and the winner was this humdinger by Ingrid Paulson who re-imagined The Road as a self-help book for dads.

Bookninja covers

Now someone is doing something similar, redesigning book covers in a way that is supposed to appeal to men. Neat. I’m going to be straight with you, though: none of these caught my eye except The Valley of the Dolls.

Recently, while wasting time on the literary internet, I stumbled upon something very good: the Instagram account @monobrow_ny, where multi-disciplinary designer Christine Rhee shares creative redesigns for contemporary classics. Recently, she’s been doing a series of “Fake Books for Men,” which are . . . exactly what they sound like: great books, new and old, redesigned as if they were being marketed specifically to men.

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