Don’t let door hit you in the ass on the way out, David Gilmour

Author apologizes for comments about female writers |

I wasn’t going to post today in favour of getting other work done, but this was too good to pass up. Remember when David Gilmour showed his toxic, bigoted plumage to a younger Emily Keeler and things went nuts for a bit? Pre-#MeToo, pre-open letter, pre-“cancel culture”. He said some questionable things that led to more questionable things that slowly revealed he’d made a life of saying questionable things. But after a while it died down and nothing seemed to happen. Well, something has happened. Mr. Gilmour has been fired. Of course, he seems to have accepted this with the grace and dignity only an old White guy experiencing the first big consequence of his life can muster:

Both David Gilmour and Victoria College declined to comment on what the three students from Gilmour’s 2020–2021 class told The Strand. Victoria University spokesperson Liz Taylor Surani stated that “the University cannot discuss or investigate anonymous allegations that were not sent directly to the University.” The Strand did receive an unsolicited email from someone, describing themself as a colleague of Gilmour’s, who praised his teaching style and emphasized his professional accolades. However, this communication did not specifically address any of the incidents reported here. When The Strand followed up with Gilmour about the incident in his 2010–2011 Vic One class, Gilmour replied, “Here’s a quote. ‘Fuck you’ en plus ‘I have been alive too long, endured too many assholes, to be intimidated by a fuck-wit like you guys.’ Am I making myself clear?’”

Victoria College declined to comment on a number of other questions raised by The Strand. These included: whether the College took any internal action against Gilmour in light of his 2013 comments and why Gilmour remained employed at the College after making his 2013 comments. Victoria University’s spokesperson and Principal Esterhammer also declined to comment on Gilmour’s status as an employee. In an email to The Strand, Surani stated that “Victoria University cannot discuss HR-related matters as these are strictly confidential.” 

Gilmour, however, did provide his perspective on his departure from the Creative Expression and Society program. “I got the boot, that’s how I left Vic,” wrote Gilmour in an email to The Strand. “That skinny, humourless little bitch, [Vic Administrator], never much liked me—and vice versa—and got rid of me as soon as she could decently do so unlike the great guys who hired me, Prof. Paul Gooch and Prof. Cook, who gave me a life-changing experience. Lord, I loved teaching there under their guidance.”

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