Stop trying to find the bright side of censorship

OMG! You got banned?! Your book sales are going to skyrocket! Not necessarily, says BookRiot. The occasional book may see a boost, but only if it makes the news, and given the rise in censorship attempts the last few years, that can’t possibly be all of them. Also, if there’s one thing we’ve learned over the five or six years, it’s that outrage and liberal resolve are the sort of the soft muscles that tire quickly, and the politics of fatigue will eventually win out.

For one thing, sales of a banned book will only increase if it gets a lot of media coverage. For every scandalous story that makes national news, there are many more that are happening in school board and library board meetings that aren’t being reported on. And even the ones that make the news start to get lost in the sheer volume of these stories. It’s hard to imagine all 850 books on Matt Krause’s list of books to ban from Texas schools saw a big boost to their sales.

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