Deal alert

Hey all, my main gig is now teaching poetry through my school Walk the Line, but as a supplement to that I’ve also developed an online community space just for poets of all levels called Front of the Line.

It’s basically a stripped-down, subscription-based social media platform where poets support each other and post links, articles, poems for comment, comments on poems, tips on craft, book recs, crows about success and questions about process, contest announcements, reading periods and calls from poetry markets, etc. It’s like a cross between an ongoing asynchronous workshop and a poetry clubhouse. Anyway, I’ve moved much of Bookninja’s poetry-related content there.

That said, if you want to check it out, but are hesitant about signing up for a monthly fee without knowing how it works, I’m offering a no obligation free 10 days for the rest of April (National Poetry Month). Sign up, and if you don’t like it, no harm, not foul — just cancel before the 10 days ends and you won’t be billed. Do like it? You’ll just roll right in to a monthly subscription.

There are dozens of members already inside working away and sharing info, working at their own pace, and dipping into and out of the conversation and live events as they have the time. (We even have a reading series starting, featuring members from the group, but open to viewings by the public. First one is April 21!)

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