S.o.n.g. O.f. I.c.e. A.n.d. F.i.r.e.

Periods added for illustrative effect. GRR Martin knows you want him to write faster, but, please stop being a dick about it. (FTR, if you’re a whiner about the speed of him or Rothfuss, or Star Wars having POC, or Marvel having powerful female characters, or any other kind of toxic fanboy, this site isn’t for you. And I say that as a recently reconstituted nerdlinger from back in the day.)

MARTIN: I often say that there are two types of writers, architects and gardeners. We had an architect here who was one of the authors who came up. I’m sure that he plans all of his buildings well in advance before he starts building them. He draws a blueprint, and he knows what they’re going to be made of and how many stories they’re going to be, where the bathrooms will be and how they’ll be heated and what the roof will be made of – everything before they even dig the foundation. That’s the way the architect writers work. They plan their novels out in advance – what’s going to be everywhere, every turn, every twist, everything. They have these very detailed outlines.

And then there are the gardeners who dig a hole, and they plant a seed. And they water it, in the case of writers, with their blood and their tears and their sweat. And they hope that something comes up. And they have a general idea. They know whether they planted an acorn or a tomato plant. But there’s lots of surprises. Sometimes, it doesn’t come up at all, or it comes up and dies. And sometimes, it gets very wild.

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