Young’uns doing it for themselves

Ever wonder what the young people are reading? Not, not the Millennials, they’re not even proper young anymore. Yes, that’s how old you are. When you think of “young people” you are thinking of folks in their 30s. It’s like when someone asks you what year it was 20 years ago and you think, 1990. What generation are these highschoolers? Gen Y? Z? Is there a letter? Is it like Gen#? Or Gen Omega? Would fit with their chances of surviving the climate change. Whatever it is, they make me nervous in numbers. But exhilarated as well.

CBC Radio’s All in a Day invited Ottawa-area high school students to come on the show and make a case for the book they think their entire generation should read. The competition was moderated by All in a Day host Alan Neal and judged by teen book panellists Isabelle Walma and Ahmad Alkfri. They voted on who presented the most compelling arguments for their respective book.

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