Columbus thefts

And not the ones where he steals entire continents from people just trying to not die of smallpox. Someone has been stealing from libraries around the world various letters written by Christopher Columbus and leaving fakes in their place. 60 Minutes has the scoop. Someone call Nancy Drew, Scooby Doo, and the Scottish guy from Broadchurch who always looks like he’s about to have a disapproval-induced heart attack.

If there is one library in the world you’d think would be impervious to theft, this would be it. The Vatican library in rome houses a vast and unrivaled collection of historic treasures. It is the pope’s library, home to manuscripts going back nearly 2000 years. The library is closed to the public, it’s a place for scholars only. But Ambrogio Piazzoni, the vice prefect, invited us inside.

It was here in 2011 that Vatican officials first discovered that one of their prized items, a Columbus letter, had somehow been stolen and replaced with a fake.

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