Novel advice

I’ve always found this NaNoWriMo thing to be eye-rolling nonsense. I’m less concerned with the idea of everything thinking they have a book in them than I am with the idea that they all think it’s a publishable thing. Go ahead and write your book–everyone can take a shot at it. But I submit that if you only took 30 days to do it, chances are you have 2+ years of editing ahead of you after. Anyway, two different articles on the idea of writing novels–one springing from how to get 50k words down in 30 days (any 50k will be fine, I’m sure) in as “fun” a way as possible, and one from a more traditional approach. As someone who is currently engaged in the practice of novel-writing, I’m not sure anything anyone says helps, works, or even slightly eases the doubt. My goal is to sleep well at night instead of worrying and show up during the day to do the work. Hopefully this pays off at some point.

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