“So you are the one who is going to reveal me for the charlatan that I am.”

Gobble up this lovely book excerpt on meeting Sam Beckett to help make it through the week, people. I’ll basically read anything Beckett related, but this one is very charming. And scary. Kind of perfect for the old hawk.

I was struck by what I thought was scorn in his voice and a cold lack of expression on his face, and I was unable to speak. The silence deepened as he stared and stared—and stared. I don’t remember my exact reply to such a stunning declaration, but it was probably something stammering, perhaps even silly, for I was a young woman proposing an ambitious project for which I wanted his cooperation, even though I had no idea how to go about it. Several months earlier I had sent Beckett a letter volunteering to write his biography, and to my amazement he had replied immediately, saying that any biographical information he had was at my disposal and if I came to Paris he would see me. Imagine then, my shock at his initial greeting. 

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