ChiZine needs a full forensic audit

So, I’ve been trying to wrap my head around this for a week or more now, but this nonsense with ChiZine just keeps getting crazier. Thankfully a generous tipster has sent me a bunch of links to try to make sense of it all. Besides his literary work, the other original Bookninja Peter Darbyshire writes dark fantasy under the name of Peter Roman, including the super-fun, fast-paced Cross series, and has been publishing these with ChiZine the last few years. Sadly, Peter is also affected by what’s gone on. I’m mad in part on Pete’s behalf and in part for those of us who won’t any time soon get a look at the fourth Cross book.

I’ll tell you something for free right now: given the state of this fuck up and the apparent length of time its been going on, if I were working at the Canada Council, I would be setting a speculum into an icebath in anticipation of a full exam up the buttholes of both the company itseld and all the key ChiZine leadership involved. And I think Rev Can and the Bank might want to get involved as well.

Outside Twitter chatter and the spec world news there seems to be very little reportage on this. Time to crack it open, non-blog journalists.

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