So what was everyone up to last night? Mostly sitting around, right?

Was there a reading or something somewhere? I didn’t really see much coverage. It’s like there MIGHT have been an event, but I can’t be sure because barely anyone was talking about it.

Congratulations, Ian Williams! Guy has to be on top of the world today. Griffin, Giller…. What’s next? GG for playwriting? While I was pulling for hometown heroes Michael Crummey and Megan Coles, I am glad to see a formally inventive novel (written by a poet, fuckers) win the prize!


“It’s an engrossing story of disparate people brought together and also a masterful unfolding of unexpected connections and collisions between and across lives otherwise separated by race, class, gender and geography. It’s a pointed and often playful plotting out of individual and shared stories in the close spaces of hospital rooms, garages, mansions and apartments, and a symphonic performance of resonant and dissonant voices, those of persons wanting to impress persuade, deny, or beguile others, and always trying again,” the jury said in a statement.

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