Book hunting romance story

Help this dude find a missing volume of Shakespeare so he can give his partner the sort of romantic gift that makes you melt.

from CBC (love the “handle with care” Stick-It juxtaposed against the Nike box)

Omar Gutierrez, who recently finished a Master’s degree in English and became something of casual Shakespeare buff while in university, said he was in the market for a gift for his girlfriend.

The sign caught his attention, and he asked to see the collection.

“On our first date, we went to see a Shakespeare play in Stratford,” he explained. “We went to see the (Merry) Wives of Windsor. She really liked it.”

He wasn’t completely sold on the antique books until he noticed the first one contained the play he and his girlfriend had seen in Stratford in the summer.

“That kind of ultimately convinced me that I should get it. So I did.”

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