Gary Barwin on creating connection

Poet and novelist Gary Barwin performs some thought experiments every morning to cope with everything. He’s basically a smart guy who does a lot of strange thinking that I admire. So go read.

I’ve recently learned — too much — about how we all radiate moistly, a giant web of moistness spreading madly off in all directions.

But I’ve also learned that we radiate connection, too. We humans are communication specialists. Interaction technologists. Even the most introverted of us. We send and receive thoughts, feelings and experiences like some kind of fleshy modem. I feel like a single penguin thinking about being huddled together with a thousand other penguins. At least that’s what it says on my dating profile. 

But by sending and receiving, we know where we are. We know who we are. Even if it means we’re someone who has forgotten to get out of pyjamas or brush our hair.

I’ve been calling this “conscious community.”

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