Books are good for your brain!

Stunning new article in Popular Science. Man, that is some surprising research right there! Now, now. Let’s not be snobs. I mean, all the time. PopSci is for not for the people like us. It’s for armchair science types who like to join party conversations with “Well, actually…” Hey, wait. I know quite a few literary types like that too. Hmm. Lot’s to think about today….

Science has found that reading is essential for a healthy brain. We already know reading is good for children’s developing noggins: A study of twins at the University of California at Berkeley found that kids who started reading at an earlier age went on to perform better on certain intelligence tests, such as analyses of their vocabulary size.

Other studies show that reading continues to develop the brains of adults. One 2012 Stanford University study, where people read passages of Jane Austen while inside an MRI, indicates that different types of reading exercise different parts of your brain. As you get older, another study suggests, reading might help slow down or even halt cognitive decline.

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