Bookstores surviving

In New York City rents are killing bookstores, but in Minneapolis, where racist cops have recently murdered yet another black man, and where riots are (rightfully) claiming the streets, bookstores are pulling through by being bookstores. One put up a sign of support that included the phrase “abolish the police” and was spared as protestors smashed everything around it (link from Ninja tipster Bianca). Listen closely, because this is really showing the true face of America: a group of marginalized, targeted, oppressed people are saying, “STOP KILLING US” and those doing the marginalizing, targeting, and oppressing are saying, “Wellllll…..” It’s fucking simple, America: stop killing black people. Stop hiring racists as cops. Stop selling guns to the populace. History is going to look back on the start of America as a dark age. Hopefully this presidency will be noted as the start of the end of it. The graph spike before the sharp valley. But we’ve been saying that for years, haven’t we. I wish these fuckers would just hurry up and end that Civil War that never ended.

Moon Palace Books in south Minneapolis was one of few businesses spared Wednesday night as some protesting over George Floyd’s death turned into rioting.

The bookstore, at 3032 Minnehaha Ave., is locally owned and has been selling books since 2012, according to its website. In a tweet Thursday, Moon Palace Books said, “We’re ok. Heartbroken for our neighbors and our community. Abolish the police.”

People on Twitter noted the independent bookstore was among the few businesses in the area of the Minneapolis Pollice Department’s 3rd Precinct that were left untouched Wednesday night.

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