Novel parenting?

Which novels would best prepare someone for parenting? HAHAHAHAHAH. But seriously, there’s no preparing. There’s just doing. If I have one word of advice about books for prospective parents it’s this: just pick one and stick to that. Don’t read widely. If you do, you’ll go crazy. This books says do X, that book says never do X, do Y instead, and the next one says, Alphabet? No, it’s about numbers, man. It’s all a racket. Your job is to keep the kid alive until adulthood, show it love and support, and try to instill some values that will help them think the world needs to be made into a better version of itself. EoS. On the other hand, everyone should read Anne Enright because, well, it’s Anne Enright.

First of all, congratulations – I so clearly remember the urge to understand the lay of that strange new territory ahead, longing for books that might offer a way in, if only for a moment. Making Babies by Anne Enright is a wonderful place to begin, because it is funny and poignant and vivid and written by a woman who is happy in her maternity, clear-eyed, but not frightening.

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