You did it! And it’s nice out. And if you don’t look at anything except the page in front of you, the world isn’t so bad! Welcome to Friday. It’s one of the five days of spring in NL when we get weather above 20 degrees, so I am going to be sitting on the deck in five minute intervals (ginger), sipping a radler and pretending June isn’t about to happen. Go ahead, look up June weather in NL. It’ll make you feel better about where ever it is you live. At least I don’t have it as bad as George. If you’re allowed out of the house where you live, get out. Do some thinking about how we will solve the next big crisis facing Western Culture… TRTL: The ‘Rona Tan-Line (wherein the lower half of your face becomes a few shades lighter than the top half from mask-wearing). Enjoy!

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