Reading: you’re doing it all wrong

Nothing better than articles that come along to tell you how those things you enjoy an do daily aren’t being done well-enough. Read slower, read faster, read more, read less. How about this? Go buy some books until the stack starts to teeter and when you get through those, think of which ones you liked best then go find others like to replenish your Wobbly Jenga Tower of Books. You can always tell its a slow news day when someone comes up with a “how-to-better” article for something everyone visiting a site dedicated to books is already doing. Like Cosmo and sex tips that always end up sticking-your-pinky-up-someone’s-ass, or Guns and Ammo and shooting-your-child-in-the-face-while-cleaning-your-supposedly-unloaded-gun.

These days, time is certainly not of the essence and, like most of us, I find myself with more than enough hours in each day. But how to make two pristine, never even been opened books last until the shackles are loosened, the doors of bookstore are left unlocked and the mask washed and put away until the next pandemic? Impossible I grant you.

But there is a way to extend the reading of a book. I will learn from that all-the-rage slow-cooking method and attempt to apply it to reading. This way perhaps I can make these long anticipated novels last far, far longer than usual.

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