What’s behind the nuttery of book-banning?

What makes a frothing nutbar get up at a school board meeting and start screaming about protecting the children? I mean, besides low intelligence and blind adherence to a dying ideology? Oh, according to this little article, that’s about it. Wouldn’t mind a more in depth look at this psychology/sociology behind this. It can’t just be the mind-control device embedded in each MAGA hat.

There is no logic or reason motivating these book-banning parents. Their quest for “inappropriate books” to censor stems from the fears shared by parents everywhere: the fear of losing control over one’s children. Not being able to supervise their children’s reading translates to the parent’s realization that their children may read something the parent never wants their child exposed to. The fear and anxiety of some parents are clear: they never want their child to adopt any alternative lifestyle or stray from the strict societal norms.

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