Is “irregardless” a word?

Firstly, it may be impactful and overwhelming to administrate alot of words that are utilized wrong these days, but removing them wholesale from the language is just disorientating. (FTR, the only words underlined as wrong when I compose this post were “impactful” and “alot”.) Which bizarro non-words would you like to see consigned to the trash heap of history?

The debate over the word is age-old (the word appeared in print as early as 1795) but continues to upset some people – teachers in particular. Evidencing the controversy over the word, Merriam-Webster’s own dictionary definition for irregardless includes a frequently asked questions section, for which the first question is: “Is irregardless a word?”

Merriam-Webster editor Peter Sokolowski tweeted a handy tip on how to deal with the news this weekend: “The trick is to remember that acknowledging existence and endorsing worth are not the same thing.” But somehow, we’re still not sure – here are four Guardian journalists explaining their takes.

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