Love letter to indie bookshops

Harpers Bazaar has a reflection extolling the virtues of the indie bookshop. Some of my favourites have been: Three Lives in Manhattan, Book City and Type in Toronto, The Bookshelf in Guelph, etc. Sadly, I now live in a city without a single independent bookstore, so I’m a little cut off from that experience, despite living in the story-telling capital of Canada. What are your favourites?

There’s nothing quite like an independent bookshop. From the wonderful smell of the paper as you walk in, the intriguing shelves full of coloured book spines, to the knowledge and personal commitment you sense from staff. Book stores are sanctuaries of discovery, creativity and possibility.

So many of us have turned to books during covid-19 – we have looked for escapism, inspiration, comfort and education. We’ve tried new recipes from our cookbooks and dreamed about our next holiday. Personally, I found myself searching for out of print wild flower illustration books by Majorie Blamey, I guess it was my way of connecting with nature from my dining room zoom table.

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