Walter Mosley writes about Devil in a Blue Dress, 30 years on

Just what the headline says: a master looks back on a masterwork after 30 more years of living. This is one of those books that lives permanently on Ms. Ninja’s nightstand.

When I wrote Devil I had a simple thought in mind. I wanted to tell a story about Los Angeles that highlighted black life and the black contribution to culture within a mirror-darkly that partially reflected the American experience within a shadowy landscape of national shame. In that book I talked about how poor black people migrated from the Deep South to Southern California, of how they flourished and ultimately failed; only to rise again, flourish again, fail again but in the end, pressing the envelope of that contest forward each and every time.

Sometimes within failure is contained magnificence. The characters introduced by the Easy Rawlins series hopefully displayed glimmers of hope and resistance.

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