Fridays get down news

Well, I handed in the final draft of my book yesterday and am waiting for the copyeditor to make sure I look like less of an idiot than I am, so it’s time to officially celebrate and begin the long, agonizing process of worrying about what I have done. Nine or ten months from now, a book will appear with my name on it and everything I did wrong will be standing out in bold type that only I can see. Well, not only me. I’m sure there will be a kind critic or two out there that will helpfully point out my foibles in a public venue. But hopefully there will be a reader or two that will go past all that into whatever it was I meant to say and find it jives with whatever it was they always meant to say as well, and the circle of life will continue. It’s a very glamorous literary life. Now I’m off to Costco to buy cheese and a barrel of mayonnaise. Have a good weekend, common folk.

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