New Indigo couture line to phase out “literature” section?

You couldn’t make this up: a fashion retailer will be Indigo’s new presidential honcho. I mean, I suppose it’s the next best thing if they couldn’t get the lead architect of to step in. Bring on the polyester scarves and discount dress racks. Your move Scholastic. (Note, it is my firm opinion that if a bookstore catches fire, it should burn, not melt.)

Indigo Books and Music has hired British fashion retail baron Peter Ruis to lead the company as president, reporting to CEO Heather Reisman. Ruis will be relocating from London to Toronto with his family.

Ruis was CEO of the U.K.’s women’s fashion retailer Jigsaw Group before becoming managing director of Anthropologie URBN Group in 2018. He also previously worked for John Lewis, Levi Straus & Co., and Ted Baker.

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